Who Am I?

So a little about me…. I am a high school art teacher, who embraces and is fascinated by technology. I just finished additional schooling so that I can one day be a principal or hold a higher position in education other than teaching. I guess I am one of those teachers who wants to make a difference for the kids, teachers, and community as a whole. I don’t really know where I want to go or how I want to get there, but at least I will have the option to do it. With that being said, I am also a Graphic Designer, photographer… an artist. I love to paint, write, and currently do a lot of children’s illustrations. However, I am also extremely crafty and love to sew and crochet.

Some say I am a super mom since I do this all while raising two beautiful and amazingly fun boys. All the while I have a wonderful and supportive husband, who is the love of my life. My family is everything to me.

In this new era of time, I have also become environmentally interested in making a difference. What this means, I am not really certain but I am enjoying exploring it. Part of the exploration has branched out to cloth diapering and recycling/upcycling in various ways. I always had a negative opinion of cloth diapering, but recently fell in love with it. I honestly didn’t know how it would fit into a working mom’s schedule since the mom’s I know who cloth diaper are lucky to be stay at home moms. I am on a great journey that I learn more from each day.

Well that’s just a bit about me, but you get the jist.


2 Responses to Who Am I?

  1. Please contact me I am wanting another review

    • alyshacarmody says:

      Hi Gabrielle! Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you. I just saw this. I took a blogging hiatus and internet hiatus to focus on just my boys and being their mommy. I needed to spend time with them. If you’re still interested we’re still diapering!!! Let me know.

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