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After recently connecting with Krocket Pockets owner, Gabrielle Bertrand,  I had the opportunity to receive and test out a Krocket Pockets diaper!  Gabrielle recently began Krocket Pockets after being inspired in the 3rd grade when she learned in school about disposable diapers in landfills. She was so shocked that she decided even if it was going to be HARD I was never going to use them on my children in the 3rd grade and was already hooked; of course she didn’t think about that until later in life. When she got pregnant the first thing she did was GOOGLE cloth diapers!!!! Like most of us, she didn’t know anything about the cloth world at first, so she bought a variety of diapers that were all under $7 on Ebay.  Many of us can relate and probably have spent a lot more than $7 per diaper! Her baby arrived and half of the diapers she bought were not working at all. She shared this with her hubby and told him that she was going to try to make her own meanwhile she never had sewn anything more then patches on pants by hand.  She then found the online B/S/T and just starting buying one of every diaper she never tried. She found ALVA BABY and started emailing them her IDEAS that she felt they should do with their diapers and they sent her 3 free diapers for her ideas. Then the Alva Rep told her they could manufacture diaper designs and prints just for her!!! She was SOLD. They suggested to do a BASIC diaper and so she took the Alva baby 4.0 and added her own prints to it. They said that it was a great start. After she started the first CO OP on the page she found 3 more Manufactures besides Alva Baby that could do the same for her.  Through all the research she had a set plan for the future that would bring many new prints and new designs that she could not to share with the cloth diapering mommas. She never thought that this was going to take off like it has and owes 90% of it to all of her hooked mommas. Gabrielle prides herself in going the extra mile for her customers, and helping moms get diapers and the cloth diapering education to help them with it!

I was immediately intrigued after speaking with her due to her passion for her product line of diapers.  I saw pictures of the diapers and was impressed since they were super adorable and affordable!  Not to mention, I already love pocket cloth diapers!!


After testing a Krocket Pocket in the Buzzy Bee Print (shown above), I decided that I absolutely love Krocket Pockets.  When the diaper first arrived, it was so bright in color and the lining was so soft.  After a handful or more of washes and wear, it still has no staining and is just as soft as the day it arrived.  It is great for napping or when he is on the go!  This diaper has quickly become one of our favorites and my 1 1/2 yr old actually chooses it when, I open the diaper drawers if it’s in there and not in the wash.  In addition, the Krocket Pocket also has a lot of great features.                                                                          IMG_9796     IMG_9799

Krocket Pockets Details

  • Double Gussets/Lining – made for those extra large loads to stop “BLOWOUTS” and helps when you have a heavy wetter to keep in any leaks.  Not to mention, it helps hug the legs to keep a secure fit.  The lining wicks all moisture away and keeps the bottom dry.  It has also been great to clean messes off and works easily with my diaper sprayer.  Some diaper liners allow messes to cling, I have yet to see that with this one!IMG_9797  photo-5
  • Double Pocket Opening – double pocket openings allow the insert to work out of the diaper while in the wash and make stuffing easier.  Also if you have a messy poop you have options of removal if you’re neurotic like I am and must rinse everything first with the diaper sprayer.                                          photo-7
  • Snap in Inserts – keeps the insert from moving if you have an active toddler and keeps the insert in place in the wash if you want it to remain with the diaper.  The insert is also very absorbent – I have a heavy wetter and it has been working great!  I also like that it’s an off-white instead of white white, so it makes it easier to know what diaper it goes with.  I really hate mixing up my inserts and not placing them with the right diapers!  So this made it easy to know that it went with the Krocket Pocket diaper!photo-6
  • Longer Print/color Tummy Flap – For tummy sleepers to stop pee from squeezing out and also makes for a comfy diaper for baby to wear.  The fabric is also very stretchy and makes it have a lot of give allowing the baby to remain
  • Snap Rise sizing – This allows a baby as little as 8lbs to wear them.  You can see in on the smallest setting here. Plus my 30 lb toddler wears this comfortably too and still has a ton of growing room.                                   photo-3  IMG_9795
  • Rainbow Double Decker Closing Snaps – The colors make it easy for dads and daycare/baby sitters to always snap the diaper on the right snaps.  It also adds a bit more color to the diaper!                                   photo
  • Bright Amazing Color/Print Combinations – add a bit more excitement to the diapers!  They come in a variety from cheetah, floral, zebra, camo and much more.  Check out her Facebook page!!

To all moms – I would definitely recommend Krocket Pockets!!!!!  Affordable and Adorable!!!  Check out her store!



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7 Responses to Krocket Pockets Diaper Review

  1. How do you wash the diapers?
    Ive heard they require special soap

    • alyshacarmody says:

      I use Rockin Green laundry detergent for all my cloth diapers. I do a pre rinse cycle with cold and then a sanitary cycle with Rockin Green and extra rinse at the end! It works great! I have also read that some moms have been using Tide powder detergent that works great too!!!

  2. Gabrielle Bertrand OWNER of Krocket Pockets says:

    I use Tide you can use any soap that doesnt have Softeners in it as long as you only use 2 TBL spoons of it and rinse the diapers enough.

  3. Audrey says:

    I’m having trouble finding where to buy these diapers. Have a couple of them and love them. Would like to get more but can’t find a site to buy them. Any ideas where to buy them new?

  4. fam says:

    where can this diapers be found? I am expecting triples and would love to give it a try

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