The Great Escape

CJ has been great about taking care of his hermit crab. He feeds and gives him water. He is 4 yrs old and takes care of his pet! So I was quite surprised to hear Neal yell from CJ’s room, “ummm … you NEED to come in here!!!” I said, “okay and went to see what was up.” He goes “we have a really big problem. CJ’s hermit crab is missing!” My response was “How?” Neal said, “I think I left the lid off when I was helping CJ last night.”

So we spring into searching for the hermit crab action. Escape of the hermit crab was in full force. We wondered if the cat got it? What would happen if we didn’t find it – would we smell a dead one later? Ahhh….where was this stinkin hermit crab? It wasn’t under CJ’s dresser, in the bathroom, in the hallway, not in Calvin’s room, not in the kitchen, or living room, or sun room. NO WHERE TO BE FOUND!!! This was driving me crazy. We even got out the flash light looking for it.

Where oh where could CJ’s little hermit crab be? So I jumped into action for what I knew to do and Googled it – Hermit Crab Escaped and Lost Hermit Crab. The results told me to check on the curtains and all small dark places. If all else fails then put it’s cage on the floor on it’s side with food and water and it might come back. To me that was trouble with a 15 month old wandering the house at any given moment. So I opted for the first option and went back to his room checking all the dark places. The closet…not one we looked in. So I started moving stuffed animals and poof….the hermit crab appeared!!! Woohooo!!!!!!!! Super mommy to the rescue!

Not lying but I was only relieved because I wouldn’t be smelling a dead hermit crab in the next few days. CJ was excited to have his hermit crab back!

About alyshacarmody

I'm an art teacher aka working mom that has two wonderful boys, ages 4 and 9 months. My husband is a police officer who works nights; so I find that my style of parenting isn't always what others approve of, but it works for us! I am very crafty so I am always finding new projects to try and think that I am "green" or at least try to be. My philosophy is live laughing and loving. This blog is intended as an adventure so we'll see how it goes...
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