4oh5 Fluff AI2 Diaper Review


Thanks to winning a recent giveaway for a 4oh5 Fluff AI2 cloth diaper hosted by Housewife Mama, I came in contact with Mandi, the owner of 4oh5 Fluff. Mandi is 22 year old recent college graduate and current WAHM, who has a 16 month old son Aidan, and is expecting a little girl in November. She originally started to cloth diaper to save money, but like a lot of cloth diapering parents quickly decided that wasn’t going to work –there are just too many cute options! She started sewing with her grandma when she was really young, but decided to reteach herself last summer when she ventured into diaper sewing in an attempt to be economical in her growing diaper addiction. I think all cloth diapering moms can relate to the adorable fluff addiction!! She the opened 4oh5 Fluff and started selling diapers in January of this year! Mandi currently looks forward to welcoming her daughter into their family, as she continues to grow 4oh5 Fluff and add to her fabric stash!

Before receiving my AI2 in the mail, I had only used pocket diapers. I wasn’t even sure I fully understood how an AI2 works or if I’d like it. When I opened the package I received, I immediately ripped open the package and was super excited to see the adorable bicycle print combined with the vibrant polka dot print! I loved it!


For the new cloth diapering parents, An AI2 (All In 2) cloth diaper consists of two pieces – the shell and the snap-in insert. The shell is made with a cotton print outer layer with a hidden waterproof PUL layer, and lined with a stay-dry suedecloth inner. Both inserts it came with were made completely of organic bamboo fleece. The square insert is called a tri-fold insert, and the longer insert is a snake-style soaker with doubles over. Both inserts snap into the rear of the diaper.

After using this diaper a few times, it has easily become one of my favorites. I have a 1 year old son, who is extremely active. This diaper has provided a great fit to his body and can easily be adjusted with the snaps as needed. The elastic through the legs fits perfectly and hasn’t leaked through his constant movement. Out of the inserts, the snake style insert is my favorite and provides a great amount of absorption, even during nap time keeping him comfortable. The inner suede cloth has made for easy cleaning too!





I would highly recommend 4oh5 Fluff’s diapers to anyone! If you want to purchase diapers from Mandi, you can look at 4oh5 Fluff’s Hyena Cart Page where you can find an assortment of pocket diapers, AI2s, AIOs, and inserts for sale. However, if you don’t find what you are looking for you can message Mandi on her shop’s Facebook Page . She’s does great quality work and is great to work with!!!!

I was not paid for this review and these are my own opinions


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