J & N Baby Wet Bags and Sunbaby Diaper Size 2

This was the first giveaway that I won! I wasn’t having a great day and was later getting to work than I liked due to having poop leaked onto my outfit causing a wardrobe change, an accident shutting down a road and having to wait 15 minutes to get through, and a meltdown at day care’s drop off. So later in the morning when I received an email stating I had won, I was super excited!!! The products were shipped and arrived extremely fast and I was eager to use them.

J & N Baby Wet Bags


I received two sizes with super cute prints.
Green Frog Wet Bag 19.5″L X 17″W
Orange Colorful Swirls 15″L X 12″

The larger size is great for multiple items such as wet bathing suits and rash guards, multiple diapers, or sets of clothes. The smaller size is a great travel size for the day that fits a good amount of diapers; I have only put 3 at a time and still had plenty of room. Both bags hold in smells from diapers and liquids, such as wet bathing suits. However, you wouldn’t want to put a soaking bathing suit in it, make sure to squeeze it out first. I haven’t had any leaking with either.

They also both come with a strap that can attach to things. I attach the small one to the handle of my diaper bag, so it’s easy to find. If you are anything like I am, you want to have an easy time finding things in the endless diaper bag!!!!

Both are also very reasonably priced and worth the money!!!! The large size is $10 and the smaller size $7. This would make a great addition to any baby shower gift or gift to a new mom, or any mom for that matter!!!!!

Green Bear Sunbaby Size 2 Cloth Pocket Diaper

Super Comfy and Awesome!!!

This diaper rocks and has been nothing but easy to clean. Messes come right off using the diaper sprayer and no stains have set in. The inner lining is very soft and comfy for my little man. The quality is very well made and I haven’t had any leakage!!! Plenty of snaps to adjust size.

This is a great diaper that I would definitely recommend. Plus the pattern is super cute!

I was not paid for this review and these are my own opinions


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I'm an art teacher aka working mom that has two wonderful boys, ages 4 and 9 months. My husband is a police officer who works nights; so I find that my style of parenting isn't always what others approve of, but it works for us! I am very crafty so I am always finding new projects to try and think that I am "green" or at least try to be. My philosophy is live laughing and loving. This blog is intended as an adventure so we'll see how it goes...
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