Where did the attitude come from?

When and how did my four year old get his attitude? I never knew that at this age an attitude could develop as it has. Man oh man I have we have our work cut out for us. It seems as though everything we do makes CJ angry and he lets us know. “Mom you’re making me angry, mom I am so mad at you”, “you’re a jerk”, “idiot”, “I’m thinking a bad word”…and I am sure it will get more interesting as he gets older.

This morning was one of those mornings with CJ. I was trying to leave the house for work and take him and Cal to daycare, but CJ didn’t want to wake up and go. So he was crying and trying to stop me from guiding him through the hall…kind of like a cat not wanting to go in the carrier – I’m sure you can imagine it. Then he continued with the words. I handled his discipline for the morning, but it certainly wasn’t a way to start the morning.

After work we had to stop at the grocery store and his attitude resurfaced. He wanted to buy a dvd and I said no as we were standing in line checking out. I raised my voice with him to let him know I was serious and that he needed to cut it out, but he proceeded and I forcefully told him to sit down and stop talking. He didn’t and started to say “Mommy I hate you and you’re an idiot”, so I gave him a light tap to the mouth to get his attention nothing hard and he stopped. The older woman in front of me looked at me and I apologized if I offended her. Her response was that she appreciated it because nowadays you don’t see enough disciplining occurring. In all honestly, I truly don’t care if I offend anyone because it’s my child and I need to ensure that he talks to adults appropriately and respectfully now. But seriously where does this attitude come from?

About alyshacarmody

I'm an art teacher aka working mom that has two wonderful boys, ages 4 and 9 months. My husband is a police officer who works nights; so I find that my style of parenting isn't always what others approve of, but it works for us! I am very crafty so I am always finding new projects to try and think that I am "green" or at least try to be. My philosophy is live laughing and loving. This blog is intended as an adventure so we'll see how it goes...
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2 Responses to Where did the attitude come from?

  1. Jen says:

    Cayden used to have a really bad attitude at this age. He would always tell me I was making him angry and he didnt want me to be his mom. We started letting him go to the corner (or bathroom, or anywhere out of sight) and ‘spit out the attitude’, Sort out his feelings, and when he was done he could return to where we were, but he better not have the nasty attitude with him. Spitting isn’t exactly the greatest thing, but it gave him a minute away from us and he really thought he was spitting it out.

  2. Lisa Carignan says:

    I think he is just expressing himself. He has always been easy to distract and move on to the next thing but lately… he is showing some fiesty behavior. You just continue to let him know what is and ISN’T acceptable and he will remember/learn what he can and can’t do! As Dr. Ehrlich always said, :”this too shall pass!” Hang in there!

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