Mommy decompression time…

My husband can go to bed anytime at night and not have a single worry or concern. I just can’t do that. After I get things done that I need to do, I still need my time. I need to take the time to myself before I can go to sleep or I just can’t sleep at all. Decompression time is usually spent wandering Pinterest, Facebook, watching dvr, crocheting, sewing, or something along those lines. Currently I am finding myself spending my decompression time multitasking…blogging and watching dvr. I find a great deal of satisfaction out of mindless television and also find it strangely relaxing. What do all you other moms do to decompress?

About alyshacarmody

I'm an art teacher aka working mom that has two wonderful boys, ages 4 and 9 months. My husband is a police officer who works nights; so I find that my style of parenting isn't always what others approve of, but it works for us! I am very crafty so I am always finding new projects to try and think that I am "green" or at least try to be. My philosophy is live laughing and loving. This blog is intended as an adventure so we'll see how it goes...
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One Response to Mommy decompression time…

  1. Jen says:

    I agree. I just can’t go to bed. Chris could fall asleep sitting up mid conversation at any point of the day..and stay asleep during a hurricane… I find mindless tv relaxing. Because Im a clean freak…I find cleaning and organizing relaxing especially when I’m stressed. Other than that the only real *me* time where I’m not chasing after a toddler … Bringing the older one to baseball practices or band practices… And the. walking the when I’m in the shower. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen until 10-1030 at night because of the never ending list of things to do.

    Xoxo. Love you!

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