Food, food, food.



This weekend’s focus seems to be food in my household. We have beginnings of growing our own food, kid food battles, kids falling asleep, kids loving food, food in hair, and it just seems to run the gamut!

Today and tonight have taken the cake when it comes to food, even though I didn’t bake a cake; but if it’s raining tomorrow you can guarantee that I will be making cupcakes since I have frosting left over from my great aunt’s birthday cake, not to mention that I have a great pirate cupcake decorating set waiting for me to use it. So a rainy day would be the perfect excuse. Okay back on topic….

First I’ll start by sharing that I have one kid that loves food and one that when it comes to food it seems to be a constant battle. CJ is the most picky eater I have ever met. He is 4 years old and doesn’t eat meat or much of anything for that matter. It’s easier to say what he does eat…kraft macaroni and cheese, crackers, white american cheese, ice cream, milk, yogurt, peanut butter crackers, grapes, bananas, fries (regular and sweet potato), donuts lite bite muffins, quaker oat squares cereal, and I think that’s about it. In the beginning we fought that food battle, but when he decided to make himself throw up last year I threw in the towel. Tonight the battle was a bit different. He had no problem eating his normal mac and cheese, but I also had cucumbers cut up. A few days ago he ate a piece, so we told him tonight that he had to eat at least one piece of cucumber and he didn’t want to. He is one stubborn kid. It took us a crying fit and about an hour of time, to get him to eat his one piece of cucumber but he did. So a little bit of ground has been won if you ask me. My constant question is where do and when do we draw the line?

As for Cal, he’ll eat anything and everything. He loves food. Tonight as I was preparing dinner and trying a new recipe in my Pampered Chef deep covered baker (chicken fajitas with red, yellow and green peppers on whole grain tortillas – super easy and yummy – all made in the microwave) Cal was snacking in his high chair and then the next moment he was asleep. Then all of a sudden he was up, smiling and super happy eating up a storm again. It was just too funny.

As for my new food journey, Neal and I have decided to create raised beds and grow vegetables this year for the first time. It was an idea I got from pinterest and a very handy hubby! We used pallets to create the bed – all for free from a local flooring store. Neal did an amazing job ripping apart the pallets and putting the wood back together to create the bed’s walls. Then half the dirt came from our neighbors who are putting in an above ground pool so that was also no cost. The only thing we had to purchase for the beds was a yard of good topsoil mixed with compost and manure for $22. Not too shabby. Then today I planted two kinds of lettuce, peas, and carrots. All said they were better in the colder weather so I could plant them now. Time will tell since we are new to this. Kind of nerve racking and hoping I am doing it the right way. If it does fail my dad said that I can always shop out of his garden, but I wanted to do this with CJ so he can start to learn about growing vegetables…also secretly hoping he’d maybe become more adventurous this summer with food. One can only hope right?



About alyshacarmody

I'm an art teacher aka working mom that has two wonderful boys, ages 4 and 9 months. My husband is a police officer who works nights; so I find that my style of parenting isn't always what others approve of, but it works for us! I am very crafty so I am always finding new projects to try and think that I am "green" or at least try to be. My philosophy is live laughing and loving. This blog is intended as an adventure so we'll see how it goes...
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